Vegan Options at Texas Roadhouse 2023

Vegan Options at Texas Roadhouse 2023

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Hey, guys. Welcome to this blog, I’m tasting every Vegan Options at Texas Roadhouse. If you’re not familiar with Texas Road House, it’s a steakhouse type restaurant that’s focused on country food and soul food, I would say.

Texas Roadhouse Vegan

Mostly meat products, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls, sides, that type of dish. So there’s not a ton of vegan options, to be completely honest. And to make matters worse, Texas Roadhouse doesn’t really list what their ingredients are on their website besides their allergen guide, which make it really hard to find the vegan items that they have at their store. To combat this, I just reached out to Texas Road House customer service rep through their website and asked them what vegan options they had. And her response was, I’m so sorry to bear the bad news, but unfortunately, we really have no vegan options. We could provide a salad with oil and vinegar with add-ons like tomatoes or onions, corn without butter, veggies no butter, and I’m sure the manager can help with anything else.

Top 7 Vegan Options at Texas Roadhouse 2023

Seven items that I thought were going to be in this video is quickly dwindled down to three. But with that, let’s jump into it and taste these ingredients. The remaining three are honestly not very exciting, but we’ll taste them and see what it’s like.


So item number one from Texas Roadhouse that is vegan friendly is just their free peanuts in Shell that you can get in their store. So as you walk into Texas Road House, they have big barrels there that have in Shell peanuts there. And so you can eat them while you wait. And then usually on the tables themselves, they have a little container that also has peanuts in it. And so these peanuts are vegan friendly. They’re not coated with anything. And if they were, it would be on the shell. So you wouldn’t really have to worry about it. So let’s taste those out. The to-go person when I ordered was nice enough just to give me a little bag of these. I was just going to pour them in my bag. But he’s like, I’ll just give you a little bag to go. So as you would expect, they just look like normal peanuts in shell.

But let’s taste these out. Solid peanuts taste as you can probably guess, they just taste like dry roasted peanuts. They’re obviously don’t salt or anything because they are in shell and so they can’t really add anything to them, but they’re really good. Eat one more and move on to the next item. Thumbs up for the peanuts from Texas Road House.

2. Fresh Vegetables

Number two at Texas Road House, which is another not very exciting item. And it actually is in the same box as the potatoes. So the second item that is vegan friendly at Texas Road House is just their steamed fresh vegetables, which as you can see, they actually look pretty overc, which is a bummer as well. But it’s just broccoli and baby carrots. So as you can see, I did get the two potatoes, but I’m not going to be eating those as I mentioned previously. Get those out of the way, get my fork, and let’s try these out. Yeah, I don’t know what to say about these. I guess you should get some fresh veggies. You do have to order them without, I believe it’s a lemon, herb, butter. They normally come with that on.

3. House Salad

So the third item from Texas Road House that is vegan friendly is just a house salad. It does look like a lot of nice mixed greens, maybe has a little spinach in there and then just tomatoes on top, some red cabbage as well. The house salad normally does come with hard boiled egg crumbled up on top, cheddo cheese and croutons, but none of those are vegan friendly, so you have to exclude those when ordering. And then the only dressing that is vegan friendly is the oil and vinegar.

4. Buttered Corn

Texas Roadhouse offers Buttered Corn as a side dish, and according to a Texas Roadhouse representative, it can be made vegan by simply omitting the butter.

5. Margaritas

Renowned for their Margaritas, Texas Roadhouse serves alcoholic beverages that are generally considered vegan-friendly.

6. Not Vegan: Potato Products

Plain Baked Potato and Plain Sweet Potato at Texas Roadhouse are baked with bacon grease, making them unsuitable for vegetarians or vegans. Additionally, Mashed Potatoes are prepared with chicken stock, rendering them non-vegetarian and non-vegan.

7. Other Potentially Vegan Options

Apart from the mentioned items, there are a few options on the Texas Roadhouse menu that could potentially be vegan. To ensure they align with your dietary preferences, consult a manager at each location for detailed ingredient information. Read also Texas Happy hour.

Texas Roadhouse Vegan Options

vegan-friendly dining experience at Texas Roadhouse is not only possible but also surprisingly diverse. Here’s a guide to navigating the menu for delicious plant-based options:

Country Dinner

Country Vegetable Plate: Customize your plate by selecting four sides from the options below.


  • Applesauce
  • House Side Salad: Ensure it’s ordered without egg, cheese, or croutons. The vegan dressing of choice here is Oil & Vinegar, complemented by fresh greens and tomato.
  • Sweet Potato: Add brown sugar, cinnamon, or both. Ensure no animal products are used externally or as toppings.
  • Fresh Vegetables: Specify no lemon pepper butter.
  • Steamed Broccoli: Request it without lemon pepper butter.
  • Corn: Double-check that you can order it without butter.
  • Steak Fries: Be cautious, as they share a fryer with catfish.


House Salad: Customize it by omitting egg, cheese, or croutons. The vegan dressing option remains Oil & Vinegar, accompanied by fresh greens and tomato.

Sauces and Dressings

  • Oil & Vinegar
  • Texas Roadhouse Barbeque Sauce

FAQs – Vegan Options at Texas Roadhouse

Q: Are the Fries at Texas Roadhouse Vegan?

The regular fries at Texas Roadhouse are indeed vegan-friendly. However, it’s important to note that the Steak Fries share a fryer with catfish. The choice of whether to proceed depends on your comfort level with potential cross-contamination.

Q:Can I get a completely vegan meal at Texas Roadhouse?

Yes, you can get a completely vegan meal at Texas Roadhouse. However, you will need to be careful to avoid any non-vegan ingredients.

Q: Are Texas Roadhouse’s Green Beans Vegan?

Regrettably, the green beans at Texas Roadhouse are not vegan, as they contain pork.

Q: What are some tips for ordering vegan at Texas Roadhouse?

  • Be clear with your server about your dietary restrictions.
  • Ask for your food to be prepared without butter, cheese, or eggs.
  • Choose vegan sides and sauces.
  • Be aware that cross-contamination is possible.

Q: Are Texas Roadhouse Buns Vegan?

No, the Burger Buns at Texas Roadhouse are not vegan, being crafted with both butter and milk.

Q: Does Texas Roadhouse Have a Veggie Burger?

No Veggie Burger is available at Texas Roadhouse, based on our recent menu check.

Q: Are Texas Roadhouse Sweet Potatoes Vegan?

The Sweet Potatoes at Texas Roadhouse offer a vegan-friendly choice, allowing toppings like brown sugar or cinnamon, or both. To be certain, we recommend verifying with your server that no animal products are used on the outside or as toppings.

Q: Are the Green Beans Vegan at Texas Roadhouse?

No, we’ve received information indicating that the green beans at Texas Roadhouse contain multiple animal ingredients.

Q: Is the Seasoned Rice at Texas Roadhouse vegan?

The Seasoned Rice at Texas Roadhouse is not vegan, as stated by the allergen guide, citing dairy. Additionally, we’ve been notified that it has a chicken broth base. Exercise caution if you’re following a vegan diet.

Navigating the vegan landscape at Texas Roadhouse demands awareness and clarification, but with these insights, you can make informed choices aligned with your dietary preferences.

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